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Raceday Multisport is a sports performance and hydration drink that offers a unique and effective solution to athletes that care about what they put into their bodies. A clean, health focussed, effective sports drink.

Raceday Multisport Contains:

• no artificial colouring,
• no artificial flavouring
• no artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners
• no ingredients that impact negatively on your system.
• not even an anti-caking agent, making it a completely all-natural high-performance drink.

Raceday Multisport Flavours:

• Orange, Strawberry & Lemon & Lime
• sourced from freeze dried, powdered natural fruit peel.
• flavour is light and refreshing rather than sickly and over sweet.
• A definite plus, making it a more palatable and effective drink during a strenuous sporting event.

With no colouring in our product, once mixed it takes on an almost clear to opaque quality, which gives it a naturally refreshing appeal whilst ensuring your system is not bombarded with harmful bright colourants.

Raceday Multisport Ingredient Benefits:

Electrolytes provide several biological benefits, with water absorption being the most essential. When combined with water, electrolytes go to work making sure that the fluid you ingest gets absorbed into your system, rather than flushing right through, ensuring your body gets the best of the hydration benefits we know and love about water.

• Magnesium Lactate - prevents lactic acid build up and muscle stiffness and enhances athletic performance due to its crucial role in energy metabolism and muscle action. It aids in respiratory function and helps to speed up recovery and reduction of allround inflammation
• Calcium Citrate - is highly soluble and is absorbed well and plays a vital role, along with magnesium, in the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibres. Insufficient calcium can cause muscle cramps, twitching and fatigue.
• Potassium Citrate - is involved in the storage of carbohydrates to fuel muscles and regulates the functioning of muscles and nerves. It also aids in regulating acidity in the body which aids in muscle recovery, fatigue and post exercise exhaustion.
• Sodium is crucial in helping retain and utilize the fluid you are consuming. The use of Sodium Citrate instead of sodium chloride in our electrolyte blend, places a limited load on the stomach facilitating easy gastrointestinal processing. This reduces stomach discomfort significantly and assists with rapid rehydration during endurance or training events.
• Carbohydrate blend – ensures a combination of fast burning and slower burning carbohydrate fuel providing quick energy release, as well as slower burning carb release for longer distance endurance.
• Vit C - an antioxidant that promotes connective tissue repair and a healthy immune system. Helps prevent a dip in the immune system that can occur right after exercise.
• Citric Acid - an antioxidant and naturally occurring food preservative.

In a nutshell, the formulation Raceday Multisport provides, ensures reduced cramping, optimum hydration and fuels your body sufficiently to ensure you perform at your finest.

Tub specifications: 720g tub (2 x 360g foils packs), 20 x 36g servings per tub. Dilute 1 x 36g scoop in 750ml of water.

Also available in 3 pack & 5 pack single 36g serving sachets.

Product may clump due to omission of anti-caking agent. Clumping in no way affects the integrity of the product.